Darum ist Ihr Aussehen im Büro wichtig

Bosses like their secretaries and PAs to be well-groomed, well-dressed and good-mannered, according to a survey by human resources specialists Heidrick & Struggels. The survey, that was carried out in Germany, revealed that some 96 percent of managers believe that a professional appearance enhances
job skills.



Pay attention to your outfit and hair

Of the managers who took part in the survey, 88 percent said they liked the people who worked for them to be well-dressed and well- groomed.

Tip for grooming and clothes

A business costume or trouser suit is always suitable. Avoid using too much makeup, revealing necklines and a bare midriff. If your hair is coloured, do the roots regularly.


Make sure your table manners are good

For the majority of bosses, good table manners are a must.

Tip for improving your table manners

If you’re not sure when you should sit down at a business dinner, what to do with your napkin or which knife and fork to use first, buy a book or find an etiquette trainer .

Use polite English in your correspondence

The correct tone in business correspondence is also a top priority for bosses. This includes not being too relaxed when writing emails.

Tip for the right level of politeness

Avoid using too many abbreviations like ‘cu’ for ‘see you’, and do not write everything in small case. Small case in emails is a sign of disrespect. It is like saying “Your’re not important enough for me to press the CAPS key.”


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