Bringt Ihr Chef Ihnen genug Respekt entgegen?

Test – Does your boss treat you with enough respect

Behandelt Ihr Chef Sie mit genügend Respekt? Wenn ja, haben Sie bessere Chancen, die Karrierreleiter hochzuklettern. Denn je mehr er Sie respektiert, desto mehr wird er sich für Sie einsetzen.

Does your boss treat you with respect and support you on your way to the top? Find out by answering these questions. If your answer is ‘never’, tick option 1; if it is ‘always’, tick option 4 and so on. Add the points together to identify areas
that need improving.

1 My boss treats me with the same courtesy he treats key customers.
          1     2     3     4

2 My boss passes on knowledge and experience to me.
         1     2     3     4

3 I ask my boss for feedback.
         1     2     3     4

4 If necessary, I am able to say ‘no’ to my boss.
         1     2     3     4

5 I know exactly what my boss expects of me.
         1     2     3     4

6 My boss encourages me to express my own opinion about how things should be done.
         1     2     3     4


less than 10 points

You need to take more initiative. Look at your boss’s working style and make sure you know exactly what is expected of you. Ask how you can support him.

11 - 15

You are largely aware of how to gain your boss’s respect. Practice being more assertive and identify areas for self-development.

16 - 24
Your boss respects you fully. Continuously develop yourself by asking for feedback and reviewing what you have learned.


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