4 Tipps zur Senkung Ihrer Energiekosten im Büro

Four ways to sink electricity costs in the office

Auch nach dem Abschalten ziehen viele Geräte noch Strom. Mit ein wenig Aufmerksamkeit können Sie in Ihrer Abteilung Kosten senken.

1 Unplug

See if your company will agree to having a switch installed that turns off all equipment at the mains. The savings could be enormous.

2 Switch off your monitor

Remind your colleagues: if they are going to be away from their desks for any length of time, they should switch off their monitors.

3 Change system controls

Adjust the system controls of your computer (at ‘Systemsteuerung’) so it uses less electricity.

4 Buy sensibly

When it’s time to buy new electrical equipment, make sure it is energy-saving. In Germany, look out for the Energy Star or the GED-Energielabel. You can find energy-saving office equipment on the internet at www.energiesparende-geraete.de.


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