3 Tipps zur Stärkung Ihres Selbstbewusstseins

Fühlen Sie sich unsicher wenn Sie mit internationalen Geschäftspartnern reden müssen? Bauen Sie Ihr Selbstbewusstsein mit den Tipps von Secretary Today schrittweise auf

As a child, the great Greek orator Demosthenes had to overcome a stutter by speaking with pebbles in his mouth. He was a lawyer in Greece’s golden age, and he had a brilliant mind. Many times he was asked to become a public speaker but, because of his stutter , he lacked the self-confidence. So he developed a plan. He started out by speaking in small and simple phrases. Each time he was succesfull was a small victory for Demosthenes. With time, he became proficient and it was not long before he started to prepare to speak in public.

Demosthenes’ self-confidence grew to such an extent that he challenged Alexander the Great’s rule over Athens.

One way or another , most of us are plagued by a lack of self-confidence. It becomes apparent is when we have to talk in public. According to surveys, most people are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of snakes, spiders or even dying!

Which, in the words of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, means that at a funeral most of us “would rather be in the coffin than saying the eulogy.” But you can improve your level of confidence, with just three easy steps. Follow them through and watch out for great results.


Step 1

Define the challenge

You cannot become ‘generally’ more self-confident. Self-confidence applies to certain abilities or qualities we either have or don’t have. So look at that part of your make-up that needs attention. For example, maybe you always feel nervous when you have to talk to international business partners. Or perhaps you are generally shy about talking to people “cold” (when you don’t know them).


Step 2

Look out for “little victories”

The next step was used by such figures as Napoleon and Winston Churchill. They both said that when something is difficult, you should attempt only part of it. This could be the easiest part, like making introductions between business partners at an international meeting. When you have succeeded, congratulate yourself on the little victory. If you build up lots of little victories, you will be able to approach the more difficult parts with more confidence.


Step 3

Be prepared

You are now ready for the third step. In your mind, practice coping with challenging situations like talking to a group of people and be ready to apply the experience you have gained at any moment.


Follow these three steps and you will be following in the footsteps of the great.


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