So gehen Sie richtig mit Beschwerden um

Four tips for dealing with complaints

So verhalten Sie sich professionell, wenn Sie eine Beschwerde entgegennehmen.

1 Listen carefully to what the person has to say, show empathy by saying
Yes, I see/ I understand / I can see why you are unhappy / Yes, something seems to have gone wrong / I’m very sorry to hear that.

2 Repeat the complaint back to the customer to make sure you have got all the details
Can I just check the order number / So the colour is wrong? / And you’re still waiting for the technician?

3  Offer immediate assistance
I’ll look into it straight away / I’ll do my best to find out how we can fix it.

4 Promise to get back to them
I’ll get back to you straight away / Can I reach you at this number all day?


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