Your question: How to address a letter to more than one person

Ines wrote to me and asked: “I have a question about the address: The letter is to three people. Is this correct?

On the envelope
To the Members of the Executive Board Dr. XY and XX
and Chair of the Supervisory Board Prof. Dr. Dr. YX

In the letter

And do I sign with Yours sincerely?"

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This is what to write on the envelope:

To the Members of the Executive Board
Dr XY and Dr XX
and Chair of the Supervisory Board Prof. YX

Note that in English we use only the most important title, in this case Professor (Prof. not Prof. Dr.)

I would start the letter like this, as I think it’s more personal:

Dear Dr XY
Dear Dr XX
Dear Professor YX

In this case, I have written “Professor” out as there is more space than on the envelope. I think it looks more friendly. “Dr”, on the other hand, is not usually written out in full.

Yes, Yours sincerely is correct.

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