When and why it’s a good idea to write a PS to a letter or email

Das Postskriptum war in Zeiten der Schreibmaschine äußerst hilfreich:
Vergessenes ließ sich so hinzufügen, ohne den Brief neu zu tippen. Doch auch im Computer-Zeitalter ist ein „PS“ äußerst sinnvoll.

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In the pre-computer age the function of the PS was to add something you had forgotten. Now that we can rewrite and rearrange text and copy and paste as much as we want, it is a little old-fashioned. Or is it? I don’t think it is. On the contrary, the good old PS is still going strong, albeit with a different function. It is now not there to add something you have forgotten, but it functions as an eye-catcher.

This is what you can use a PS for

To stress important parts of your email or letter.

  • Please don’t worry about the arrangements. I am taking care of everything.

To say something a little more personal than the rest of the message.

  • I’m really looking forward to meeting you at last.

To remind the recipient of something.

  • Please don’t forget to send me your flight details.

In marketing, to make a special offer stand out more.

  • This offer is only valid for four more days, so act now!

To refer to something that is not relevant to the topic of the email.

  • By the way, I have been reading the book you sent me. I like it.

The Secretary Today-Insider tip: Advertisers use the PS for the main statement in their ad. They know that it is often the first part of a letter we read. So make use of it!

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