So schreiben Sie einfühlsame Kondolenzbriefe an englischsprachige Empfänger

Business Englisch ist für Sie als Sekretärin ein nötiger Erfolgsfaktor. Doch leider stellen die englische Geschäftskorrespondenz, die Kommunikation am Telefon und die korrekte englische Rechtschreibung eine große Herausforderung für viele dar.

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What to write in letters of condolence and sympathy

Um aufrichtige und einfühlsame Kondolenzbriefe zu schreiben, brauchen Sie Fingerspitzengefühl. Mit Secretary Today haben Sie einfühlsame Redewendungen.The kind of letter of condolence you write depends on the relationship you had with the deceased and the person you are writing to. As a general rule, write as soon as you hear the news, keep your letter short and write it by hand.

A letter of condolence to a business associate should:

1 Acknowledge what a loss the death is for the bereaved

2 Express your sympathy

3 Praise the accomplishments and character of the deceased.

A letter of condolence to an employee should also:
4 Offer some help.

Tip: Avoid saying how much you feel bereaved. The purpose of the
letter is to comfort others, not to make them feel sorry for you.

Intercultural tip

If you are writing a condolence letter to the USA, avoid using the words ‘death’ or ‘died’. Instead, say ‘loss’ and ‘passed away’.

To a business associate (BE)

We were sad to read in The Times this morning that your director, Arthur Jones, has died. I am writing to express our deep sympathy.

I had the privilege of knowing him personally for many years and always regarded him as a great leader and wonderful person. He will be sadly

Please convey our sympathy to Mrs Jones and her family.

Sincerely yours

To an employee (BE)

I was very distressed to hear of your husband’s death after his long and
courageous battle with cancer.

On the few occasions I had the pleasure to meet him, I found him a warm and sincere person with a great sense of humour. I know how much he supported you in your career and how he enjoyed your success.  

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family. If there is any way in which I can be of assistance in the weeks to come, please do not hesitate
to call on me.

In sympathy

To a business associate (AE)

I was very sad to read today that your vice president has passed away.

On the many occasions we worked together I came to know him as a valued business partner . His friendly manner , fine sense of humor and generosity made a deep impression on all those who were fortunate enoug to work with him. We will sorely miss him, both from a personal and from a professional standpoint.

Please convey my regret and condolences to his family.

Very sincerely yours

To an employee (AE)

I have just heard that your dear wife has passed away and am deeply saddened by the news. She was one of those individuals who make life so much more pleasant for everyone around her. I know how close the two of you were, and how much you valued her positive approach to life.

I can only hope that your years of happiness will help you get over the tragic loss.

Let me express my deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Sincerely yours

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