So machen Sie ein Angebot per E-Mail

How to make an enquiry by email

Sie wollen per E-Mail ein Angebot einholen. Kein Problem mit diesen Tipps und Textbausteinen von Secretary Today.

An enquiry can be general – such as when you need a catalogue or price list – or special – like when you ask for a quote to find the best supplier for a product or service.

Making an enquiry by email is quicker and easier than writing a letter. Although emails are less formal than traditional business letters, it is important to write them professionally.

General rules

Write a clear subject line.
If you send the enquiry as an attachment, make this clear to the recipient. Otherwise the company’s server might think it is SPAM and delete it. Avoid fancy formatting like tab sets in the body of the mail. Add all your contact details.

Professional phrases for enquiries

  •  I saw your address on the internet.
  • We are interested in the products advertised in Home Decorator Magazine.
  • I refer to your advertisement in today’s Daily Mail.
  • I refer to your advertisment.
  • Please let us have your latest catalogue.
  • We would like a quote for thefollowing articles:
  • Please send us your offer by email as soon as possible.
  • l We look forward to hearing from you soon.

NB Enquiry is sometimes spelt ‘inquiry’.

Sample of an email enquiry

From Antonia Fresmann
Subj. Inquiry for laser printers

Dear Sir or Madam

I refer to your advertisment in “Inside Paper”. I would like a quote for the
following articles

14 Laser printers AX112, 3 Laser printers AB115
with full warranty.

Please send me your offer by email as soon as possible. I look forward
to hearing from you.

Your faithfully
Antonia Fresmann

The Printing Press

10 Amos Avenue
Leeds LDS110
Telephone: 0113-245783



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