Read why you should send interim replies to all letters and emails you can’t answer immediately

Natürlich bemühen Sie sich, E-Mails sofort zu beantworten. Doch  manchmal geht das einfach nicht. Dann schicken Sie wenigstens einen kurzen Zwischenbescheid. .

Sometimes, you or your boss will not have time to reply immediately to a letter or email. But, especially with email, many people expect a fast response. Keep them happy by sending a short personal acknowledgement and a promise to write back soon. First, here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts for your acknowledgement.!


  1. Thank the sender
  2. Explain why you or your boss cannot answer the message right now. For example, you need to look at the comments more closely, she needs to discuss it with someone else, he is not in the office right now.
  3. Say when you or your boss will be replying. Don’t just say “as soon as possible” but give a concrete time. Then make sure you do reply at that time.
  4. If the correspondence was about a problem or a complaint, do show that you have taken it seriously.

Do not

  1. Say you have no time
  2. Say you are not responsible

Here some examples of interim responses to letters or emails

Use these templates, or use them as inspiration to write your own interim
replies next time you can’t answer an email or letter immediately.

To someone who has written about a problem in another department

Thank you for writing to me about the situation in the R&D department. I very much appreciate your concern. I have passed your comments on to Timo Müller, (timo.mueller@yourcompany… who is responsible for the project you mention. He will get back to you as soon as he has looked into the problems you describe. I will follow up with Mr Müller next week to see that your problem has been addressed.

To a job applicant

Thank you very much for your application for the position of photographer in our advertising department. We are looking at it carefully and will contact you again in about four weeks to tell you if we would like you to come for an interview.

To a client who has complained about faulty equipment

Thank you for your letter pointing out the problems you are having with the equipment you bought from us. Our technicians are looking into the matter and as soon as they have discovered where the problem lies, I will
contact you with our suggestions for solving your difficulties. I hope this will be within the next two days. If not, I will let you know when you can expect an answer.

To a customer complaining about bad service

I was sorry to learn that you were disappointed with the help you received from our Customer Services department. The matter is being looked into by our Customer Services Manager, Angela Hoppe.