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Dear Mr Cobb

Happy New Year!

Once again a New Year is upon us. I hope you found a few days of peace and quiet over the holidays to relax and recuperate from the workload of the pre-Christmas season.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your company’s highly successful business development over the past year. We were so happy to hear that you managed to do very well indeed in spite of the generally negative market situation. Not many agencies will have managed to face the odds as well as you did under these circumstances. You have every right to take great pride in your substantial achievements.

I wish you and all your staff continued success and growth in the upcoming year. I look forward to cooperating on the many projects we have planned together.

In addition, I would like to convey to you and your family my very best wishes for health and happiness in the year to come.

Yours sincerely
Kulturbüro Köln


Frederike Provost


Antwort auf Angebotsaufforderung



Dear Sir or Madam

Many thanks for your letter and the interest expressed in our products.

Unfortunately, in order for us to keep our competitive edge, we have had to streamline our range. We therefore no longer manufacture the article you mention.

As far as we know, the only firm still making it in the EU is … in …

We would nevertheless like to take this opportunity to give you an overall impression of the goods we now manufacture, and we enclose an illustrated brochure. Should you be interested in a similar article, we will be pleased to send you a detailed offer with delivery – times, prices, terms of payment etc.

Yours faithfully

Olymp Werke AG


Peter Weber
Sales Manager




Dear Ms Miller:

Order for hybridization oven/shakers

We have studied your online catalog and price list and wish to place our order as follows:

Quantity  Article No.  Description       List Price    Total
8              HBOS/011    Hybridization     $ 2,120       $ 16,960
8              HBR/785       Rotisserie          $ 210         $ 1,680
16            HBB/260       Hybridization     $ 250         $ 4,000

We are pleased to note that your CIP Munich prices include packing in sturdy cardboard boxes, as well as a discount of 5 % for new customers.

We request delivery within 14 days after receipt of our order. As the goods will be collected on our behalf at Munich Airport by Schnauffler Transport GmbH, we ask that the boxes be clearly marked “Biotopia AG – for collection by Schnauffler Transport GmbH”.

Payment will be transferred to your account within 30 days after receipt of your invoice.

Please confirm this order by fax or e-mail and advise us of the exact delivery date as soon as the goods have been shipped.

Many thanks in advance for your special attention to the delivery details.

Sincerely yours,
Biotopia AG


Brigitte Jäger
Purchasing Department




Dear Ms Smith

In accordance with your order of …, arrangements were
made on … for the goods to be delivered to you by the
freight forwarding agency …

Our terms of payment stipulated that the invoice was to
be settled within 30 days of receipt of the goods. We note
that your account has unfortunately not been settled to

We therefore urgently request you to remit us the sum
of $ 8,567 by return and await your confirmation that
payment has been made.

Yours sincerely


Ulla Peters
Financial Director


Geschäftstermin Absage


Dear Sir or Madam

I am afraid I have to postpone our appointment on September
26th, due to a previous one arranged a few
months ago that I was not aware of.

I know that you are very busy, which will probably make
it very difficult to find a new date convenient to you.
Being aware of that, I will ask my personal assistant to
give you a ring next week to make new arrangements.
She is in charge of my schedule. I will definitely be able
to keep any appointment you fix with her.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours faithfully

Meyer GmbH


Martin Meyer
Managing Director


Antwortschreiben auf eine Beanstandung


Dear Ms White

We were most sorry to learn that the goods supplied
to you were not to your satisfaction as several items
proved to be faulty.

We have instructed our representative in your area,
Mr James Slim, to call on you without delay and take
details of the faults. We will contact you again as soon
as we have received his report.

We would be grateful if you would give us a few days
to do this and remain

Yours sincerely

Ernst Hübner & CoKG


Walter Springer
Technical Services Manager



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