Invitations: make them absolutely clear by saying what you are paying for

Eine offene und direkte Kommunikation macht einen guten Stil aus. Bei Einladungen ist sie besonders wichtig. Denn nur weil Sie eingeladen haben, müssen Sie ja nicht alles bezahlen! So wird von vornherein klar, wer für welche Kosten aufkommt.

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Gone are the days when visitors enjoyed unlimited free hospitality. Today’s companies take the view that over-extravagance does not sit well with ethical business and, anyway, they have to look closely at the bottom line. But even if your budget is limited, you can still make your guests feel welcome.

The trick is to tell them exactly what you are paying for, and which costs they must shoulder themselves. You do this by focusing on what you are paying for, not on what they will have to cough up. Here are some things you can say and write to make it clear who is responsible for which costs at an event organised by you.

Useful phrases for your invitations

  • We will, of course, cover the costs for your accommodation, including breakfast and dinner.
  • We have block-booked a number of rooms at the Grand Hotel at reduced rates. To take advantage of these rates, please mention that you are a conference participant when you make your booking.
  • We are glad to cover the costs of all drinks at the bar until 10 pm.
  • If your air fare is significantly lower if you stay longer, we will usually cover costs for the additional night or nights. Please contact me in advance to discuss this case.
  • The invitation is meant for you as the invited speaker. If you want to bring a guest or your family, we will be glad to arrange hotel accommodation and transfer for them. We cannot, however, pay for these. If you would like us to make any arrangements for your guests, please indicate this on your registration form.
  • If you have to cancel fewer than ten days before the conference begins, you can send a substitute in your place. If you cannot do this, we regret that you will have to pay the accommodation costs.

Here you’ll find a template for a letter you can put in delegates’ welcome kits.

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English / Deutsch
and the like: und dergleichen
block book (rooms): Zimmerkontingent reservieren
the bottom line: Endresultat
to cough up: herausrücken
duration: Dauer
incidentals: Nebenkosten, Unkosten
to shoulder costs: die Kosten tragen