How to write an order confirmation, Part II

Hier also Teil II der Regeln, die Sie beachten sollten, wenn Sie eine englische Auftragsbestätigung schreiben wollen. Teil I lesen Sie hier:

5 ... for telling the customer about a delivery delay

  • We must inform you that the goods will take longer to produce than we anticipated.
  • This is due to the unexpected high demand for solar cells in the first quarter of 2007.
  • This has come about because microscopes are in very high demand, which has delayed distribution.
  • We have made a record of your requirements and will be in touch with you as soon as we have received further supplies.
  • We regret that we cannot guarantee delivery within the period of time requested.

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6 ... for repeating or amending the terms of delivery

  • As stated in our previous correspondence, our prices cover delivery FOB Liverpool.
  • As agreed, delivery will be made CIF Frankfurt.
  • Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will ship the goods by truck.
  • We will have the parts ready for collection in time for the Frankfurt Motor Show.
  • We confirm that delivery will be made by air within 8 weeks.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to send the goods by airfreight due to security reasons.
  • We will notify your freight forwarders as soon as the goods are ready for collection.

7 ... for describing technicalities

  • We will strictly observe your packing instructions.
  • The boxes are numbered PDQ/5897A/Liverpool/1-12/EU and have been marked "To be collected".
  • In accordance with your instructions, the containers are marked "Highly inflammable liquid".
  • For your convenience, we are enclosing an order form for you to use when you place your next order.
  • We would be grateful if you would state the article numbers next time you place an order.

8 … for stating conditions that must be fulfilled

  • Please note that this order is subject to our General Conditions of Sale, a copy of which is enclosed.
  • Please arrange for the sum of $20,000 to be transferred to account no. 35899990 at the Money Savings Bank.
  • We will process your order as soon as we recevie your deposit.

9 … for writing a polite ending

  • Thank you very much for your custom.
  • It is a pleasure to do business with you.
  • We trust that you will find our goods / services to your satisfaction.

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10 … for mentioning enclosures

  • I am enclosing the / our
  • General Conditions of Sale
  • pro-forma invoice
  • (duplicate) Sales Agreement
  • contract of Sale
  • drafts
  • bill of exchange

Refusing an order

  • You may have to turn down an order. Here are some useful phrases for explaining why.
  • As a result of the small quantity ordered, we regret that we cannot fulfill your order.
  • Owing to a lack of raw materials, we cannot supply you with the silicon chips you ordered.
  • We are sorry that we are no longer in a position to provide the services you require on the terms outlined.