How to make your cover letter really attractive to your future employer

Anders als bei Bewerbungen im deutschsprachigen Raum, ist das Anschreiben beim Job-Hunting im englischen Sprachraum eher Beiwerk – ein Begleitschreiben eben. Dennoch sollte Sie es so sorgfältig und informativ wie möglich gestalten. Secretary Today verrät Ihnen wie. Denn Secretary Today steht für perfekte britische und amerikanische Korrespondenz, Gespräche, Telefonate, Geschäftsbesuche und sicheren Small Talk. Fordern Sie Ihren persönlichen Business English Trainer jetzt zum kostenlosen 30-Tage-Test an – klicken Sie hier!

When we’re job-hunting, we go to a lot of trouble crafting the perfect CV. But the letter that accompanies your application, the cover letter, is just as important. Make sure yours is perfect, with the tips from Secretary Today.

This is what a perfect cover letter should include

First paragraph: In the first sentence, say which job you are applying for and where you saw the ad. If someone who knows the employer told you, mention their name. Then say why you fit the role.

Second paragraph: Give more – but not too much – background. Point out your achievements and successes that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Third paragraph: Make it easy for the employer to invite you for an interview by giving contact details. Give your email address and a daytime telephone number. Finally, express thanks to the person reading your application.

Dear Ms McCann:

I would like you to consider me for the Executive Personal Assistant position which your company advertised in die Zeit on August 7. My qualifications and experience, which include over ten years’ as a secretary in increasingly challenging roles, match the responsibilities outlined in your advertisement perfectly.

In my current position, as team secretary in a large international marketing department, I have had the opportunity to work independently in a complex environment. As our company language is English, I have greatly improved my English language skills. My training includes a secretarial diploma and the Cambridge Advanced English certificate. As you can see by my CV, I have an ongoing commitment to personal

I would be delighted to hear from you and to discuss this opportunity in further detail. I can be reached at +49 40 3444…, or +49 70 … (cell phone).

Thank you for considering me for this position.

Yours sincerely
Jane Jobseeker