"Hello, Your Grace" – How to address the aristocracy

Begegnungen mit dem Adel sind eine Herausforderung.Wie begrüßt man einen Lord, eine Baronin oder gar die Königin? Diese Anleitung hilft Ihnen, Adelige stilsicher zu begrüßen, ohne in ein Fettnäpfchen zu treten.

Should you happen to meet a member of the British royal family or other nobility, would you know how to speak to them? What do you call them to acknowledge their status? This guidelines will help you greet and talk to members of the nobility without making embarrassing mistakes.

To bow or not to bow?

You do not have to bow or curtsey to a member of the royal family, especially if you are not a citizen of the UK or the Commonwealth. British and Commonwealth citizens, on the other hand often bow from the neck (not from the waist) if they are male or make a small curtsey (placing the right foot behind the left heel and bending the knees slightly) if they are women.

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Here is a table with titles and forms of adress - in person and in writing - for members of the aristocracy:

TitleHow to address
the person 
How to start a letter What to write on
the envelope 
The Queen Your Highness Madam HRH Quenn Elisabeth II Königin 
A princess Your Highness MadamHRH Princess Ann Prinzessin 
A prince Your Highness Sir HRH Prince Charles Prinz 
Duke Duke or Your Grace Dear Duke of XXX His Grace the Duke
of XXX 
Duchess Your Grace or Duchess Dear Duchess of XXX Her Grace the Duchess
of XXX 
Marquess My Lord or Lord XXX Dear Lord XXX The Most Hon. the
Marquess of XXX 
Marchioness My Lady or Lady XXX Dear Lady XXX The Most Hon. the
Marchioness of XXX 
Earl My Lord or Lord XXX Dear Lord XXX The Earl of XXX Graf 
Countess My Lady or Lady XXX Dear Lady XXX The Countess of XXX Gräfin 
Viscount My Lord or Lord XXX Dear Lord XXX The Viscount of XXX Vicomte  
Viscountess My Lady or Lady XXX Dear Lady XXX The Viscountess of XXX Vicomtesse 
Baron My Lord or Lord XXX Dear Lord XXX The Lord XXX Baron/
Baroness My Lady or Lady XXX
or Baroness XXX 
Dear Lady XXX The Baroness XXX Baronin/