Englische Geschäftsbriefe im Handumdrehen

Mit diesen neun Bausteinen gelingt es Ihnen im Nu, einen höflichen, korrekten und zeitgemäßen englischen Geschäftsbrief zu verfassen:

Der große Knigge – Mit Takt und Stil zum Ziel

With reference to your advertisement in Financial Times.
your letter of 27 November.
your phone call this morning. 
Grund des Schreibens: 
I am writing to enquire about your offer for XETRA consoles.
apologize for the delay in delivery of your order
no. 67.
confirm my booking for 28 January.
remind you that our invoice of (date) has not been
I would be grateful if you could
Could you possibly …? 
send me a copy of your latest catalog and pricelist.
let me know your decision by Friday at the latest. 
I would be delighted to welcome you here in Munich.
to join you for dinner after the meeting. 
We are pleased to confirm your order for a surveillance unit made to specifications. 
Schlechte Nachricht:  
We regret that
I am afraid that
there has been a delay in processing your order.
we no longer produce the model you have requested.
the VPL30 is temporarily out of stock. 
Please find enclosed
I am enclosing 
full details of our conditions of sale.
a copy of the new price list. 
Dank und Kontaktangebot:  
 Thank you for your help.
Please contact us again if we can help in any way.
Please call if you have any any questions. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
meeting you in Riga