What to say when your boss is not there

Ihr Chef ist gerade zur Toilette oder er holt seinen Sohn vom Kindergarten ab, Ihre Chefin besucht ihre Mutter im Krankenhaus oder sie macht gerade eine Zigarettenpause. Da klingelt das Telefon. Was sagen Sie dem Anrufer? So entschuldigen Sie Ihren Chef bzw. Ihre Chefin höflich und professionell.

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What do you do when your boss has just gone outside for a smoke, is doing the school run or is visiting a sick relative in hospital, when an important call comes through for them? Depending on who is calling, it might be okay just to tell them the facts. After all, visiting your sick mother is nothing to be ashamed of! But in other cases, it might seem inappropriate or unprofessional. In these cases, you can ‘bend’ the truth a little. Here are some friendly phrases for you to use next time you have to make a professional excuse for your absent boss.

The situationTell the Caller
There's been a family emergency and he
had to go home. You don't know if he
has his mobile phone switched on. 
I'm sorry but he's had to leave the office on some
urgent business. I'm not sure when he'll be back,
but I'd be glad to take a message and pass it on to him. 
She's just gone out to keep a doctor's
She's just stepped out of the office, but I expect her
back in about an hour. Shall I get her to call you back? 
You've no idea where he is. He didn't
turn up this morning. 
I'm sorry, but he's not arrived yet. I'm expecting him
any minute. Shall I ask him to call you back? 
She's gone for a smoke. She's not at her desk right now but she'll be back in
a couple of minutes. Would you like her to call you
He's gone to the toilet. He's just stepped out of the office but he should be
back shortly. Would you like to hold on, or shall I
ask him to  call you back? 
She's not feeling very well and stayed at
I'm afraid she won't be in today. Would you like to call
again tomorrow, or can somebody else help you? 
He's locked in his office with a pile of
work to do and doesn't want to talk to
or see anybody. 
I'm sorry but he's tied up at the moment. Perhaps I can
help you.