Test März 2006: Wie gut ist Ihr Telefonenglisch?

Test your telephone English

Gerade am Telefon ist es wichtig, dass Sie schnell und professionell reagieren können. Denn Ihre Stimme und Umgangsformen sind wichtige Signale. Hier können Sie testen, wie sicher Ihr Telefonenglisch ist.


Complete these sentences by deciding which of the three alternatives in bold is correct. When you have completed them, you will have some useful phrases for responding quickly in difficult situations.

1 It’s a bad line / weak connection / difficult time. Could you say that again, please?


2 Do you mind if I remember / repeat / research that, just to make sure I’ve understood everything?


3 I’m sorry, could you repeat that? You’re breaking down / up / out.


4 I didn’t know / catch / want all that. Could you say it more slowly, please?


5 I can’t hear you very well. Could you speak out / higher / up, please?


6 I’m sorry he can’t speak to you right now. He’s just stepped out of / gone into / disappeared out of the office.


7 I’m sorry but you seem to have got the wrong extension / dialling code / apparatus. Who did you want to speak to?


8 Bettina’s not there right now. Shall I tell / offer / get her to call back?


9 I can understand why you’re upset. I’ll look it over / look into it / look out for it straight away and call you back.


10 Can I call you back, say / hear / listen in an hour?


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1 bad line,  2 repeat,  3 breaking up,  4 catch all that,  5 speak up 6 stepped out,  7 extension,  8 get,  9 look into it,  10 say