Survival guide for making appointments on the phone

Locker und formell zugleich – das schließt sich doch wohl aus. Bei Terminabsprachen sollen Sie dieses Kunststück jedoch vollbringen. Mit diesem Secretary Today-Spickzettel bewaffnet finden Sie die richtigen Worte.

In Ihrem Job setzt man perfekte britische und amerikanische Korrespondenz, Gespräche, Telefonate und sicheren Small Talk mit Geschäftsbesuchen voraus? Dann fordern Sie Secretary Today – das neue 20-Minuten-Englisch-Training – zum kostenlosen 30-Tage-Test an.

You’ve sent me quite a few emails recently asking for help with your telephone English. One of the things you need help with is making arrangements. Many of you are particularly concerned that you are being formal enough, but not too formal. So I’ve prepared this simple survival guide for you to use. You can download it from our website, using the current password. Study it before you make a phone call and practice using the different forms for colleagues and for clients.

Hi / Hello / Good morning /
Good afternoon, this is Bernd.
- Hello / Good morning /
Good afternoon, this is
Bernd Müller.
- Bernd Müller speaking.
Getting through
Is John Smith there, please?
I’d like to talk to John Smith,
Saying why you
- I’m calling about …
- I’m calling to check / ask /
remind you …
- I’m calling about…
- I’m callling to check /
inquire about…
- I’m calling with regard to…
- The reason I’m calling you
is …
- It’s about...
- How about meeting in
- Can you make the twenty-fourth?
- How does the twenty-fourth, 10
am suit you?
- That suits me fine.
- Are you by any chance free
on Friday the twenty-sixth of
- Are you available on the
- Would the twenty-fourth,
10 am suit you?
Getting more
- Can you tell me a bit more?
- I’m going to need a bit more
information, if you don’t

Secretary Today steht für perfekte britische und amerikanische Korrespondenz, Gespräche, Telefonate, Geschäftsbesuche und sicheren Small Talk. Fordern Sie Ihren persönlichen Business English Trainer jetzt zum kostenlosen 30-Tage-Test an.