Spring is here – so use it to liven up your business English

Der Frühling gibt uns neue Energie. Nutzen Sie diese gleich, um Redewendungen rund um den Frühling zu lernen – und damit zu glänzen.

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Spring is in the air. It can also be in your business English – with these expressions! The word ‘spring’ has various meanings in English. Take this opportunity to liven up your language with some idioms that sound suited to this time of year.

‘Spring’ expressions to liven up your business English

to be full of the joys of springto be extremely cheerful
to have a spring in one’s stepto appear cheerful and full of energy
to spring for (informal)pay for something, especially a treat for someone else
to spring something on someonepresent or propose something suddenly and unexpectedly
to spring to one’s feetstand up quickly
to spring upappear suddenly or sprout
‘hope springs eternal’It is human nature to always look for something positive, even if the situation looks hopeless
no spring chickenwell past youth

Now test yourself. Complete the sentences below. They all use ‘spring’

  1. ‘Thomas, do you really think you’re going to win the lottery?’ ‘Well, ________ springs eternal!’
  2. That actress is no spring ________, but she still looks good playing a twenty-year-old.
  3. I hate to ________ this ________ you, but I need you to lend me some money.
  4. Madness and creativity often ________ ________ the same mind.
  5. We worked through lunch, so the boss said he will ________ ________ cake in the afternoon.
  6. He ________ ________ his feet in the middle of the meeting and demanded that the others let him speak.
  7. After the nuclear accident in Japan, parents’ groups ________ ________ all over the country.
  8. The last time I saw him he was full of the ________ of spring. I had no idea he was depressed.
  9. What’s with John? He has a real spring in his ________ this morning.


to liven up: lebendig machen
to sprout: sprießen

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Anwers: 1) hope, 2) chicken, 3) spring / on, 4) spring from, 5) spring for, 6) sprang to, 7) sprang up, 8) joys, 9) step