Make your voicemail speak for you in perfect Business English

Die folgenden Tipps zum Thema Anrufbeantworter habe ich für Sie im Spezial-Fernkurs für Sekretärinnen und Assisteninnen Let´s talk Business English gefunden:

Not only in business, the way people judge you is based largely on their first impression. If someone calls your office and you´re not in, the first impression they get is your voicemail message. Show callers you care about them by making your message good. It should be:

Smile when you record it and apologise for not being there.

easy to understand
Speak slowly and clearly. Give your listeners time to absorb what you are saying and to adjust to your voice.

Give clear instructions or information that will help the caller. ("Please leave a message", "Please try my cell phone, number ...")

Use no more than 45 words.

Always include

  • the name of your company
  • your name
  • a short apology
  • an invitation to leave a message
  • an offer to return the call
  • a request for a contact telephone number

If you are away for a few days include

  • the date when you will be back

Do not include

  • your telephone number – the caller knew it or they wouldn´t have called

Three tips for recording perfect messages in Business English:

  • 1. Rehearse before recording.
  • 2. Smile when you speak.
  • 3. Get a native speaker to check your pronounciation.

Example for a short and clear voicemail message:

"You´ve reached (your name) at (your company´s name). I´m sorry I can´t take your call right know. I´ll be back on Wednesday ans would be glad to get back to you if you leave a message with your name and number."

How to leave a voicemail message in Business English

Leaving a message to someone in another company is possibly more of a challenge to you, especially when you have to do it in Business English. Are you nervous about making a mistake? Do you think you have a strong accent? Don´t worry. With a little preparation, you can learn clear, professional voicemail messages.

Always be prepared for leaving a voicemail message by preparing and practising a text. The text should include the name of your company and your own name. And remember to speak slowly and clearly and to smile - especially when you speak Business English.         

A Joke for Today:
First secretary: "Is it one o´clock yet?"
Second secretary: "No, not yet."
First secretary: "Are you sure?"
Second secretary: "Well, it can´t be. I have to be back in the office by one o´clock and I´m not there yet."