Make your boss´s business cards intercultural

Geld und Mühe in Visitenkarten zu investieren lohnt sich. Denn sie sind so etwas wie das Aushängeschild Ihres Unternehmens. So stellen Sie sicher, dass die Karten Ihres Chefs richtig übersetzt sind.

Does your boss have business cards in more than one language? If so, who translated them? Translating business cards is not as easy as you may think. You may speak excellent English, but you can´t just translate the text word-for-word into another language. Instead, you need to take language and cultural considerations into account. Follow these six tips to make sure your boss´s bilingual business cards are professional.

Use both sides of the business card

Don´t mix languages. If there is a lot of information on the business card, have the translated version printed on the back.

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Keep the information on the business card simple

Don´t put any unnecessary information on the business card. All the other person needs to know is your boss´s name and title, the name of your company and how to contact him or her.

Use the right language on the business card

Make sure you choose exactly the right language for the place the business cards will be used. For example, for English translations, decide whether you want to use British or American English. And there are different kinds of Chinese, too. If your boss is travelling to mainland China, he or she will need simple Chinese (Jianti). In Hong Kong or Taiwan, however, classical characters (Fanti) are appropriate.

Find out about cultural nuances

Research any cultural nuances that will make your boss´s business cards attractive in another culture. For example, if your company does business with China, have the business cards embossed in gold to demonstrate status.

If your company is doing business in the USA, do not put your boss´s  university degree on the business card, unless he or she works in the academic world, for example at a university.

Ask an expert if the business card is correct

Before having the business cards printed, make sure you´ve got everything right by asking a specialist translator to look over it. Or have the business card translated by a specialist from the start. You may be able to speak  very good English, but don´t risk making embarrassing mistakes on such an important thing as a business card.

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Have your business cards professionally printed

Last, but definitely not least, have your business cards professionally printed. Don´t leave everything until the last minute so you have to resort to the cheap business cards you can get from machines at train stations. Your boss´s business card represents your boss and your company.  Properly designed and translated, it will communicate that both boss and company are reputable, reliable and professional. It´s worth investing time and money to get it right.