Kurztipp zum Wochenende: How to polish your language skills with Power Talk

Nur wenig Übung braucht es, um mit "Power Talk" selbstbewusst und professionell zu klingen, sagt die amerikanische Kommunikations-Expertin Diane DiResta. Lesen Sie, was sie uns empfiehlt.

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Adding more authority to everything you say is easier than you think, says American communication specialist Diane DiResta. Try some of her "power talk" techniques to express confidence and competence.

1. End your sentences without taglines

Taglines are things like "Right?", "Don´t you think?" and "Isn´t that
Used sometimes, they can build consensus, but if you use them too often you will sound as if you’re asking permission rather than stating a well-reasoned opinion.

2. Stand by your words and actions

If you´ve done something wrong, don´t keep saying "I´m sorry." This can diminish your credibility. Say it one time – sincerely – then say that you´ll "accept responsibility," or agree to “do things differently next time."

tagline hier: angehängte Floskel 
consensus Übereinstimmung 
well-reasoned gut durchdacht 
to diminish vermindern 
credibility Glaubwürdigkeit 
sincerely ehrlich, aufrichtig