How to write to complain about a delivery delay

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How to write to complain about a delivery delay

Pünktliche Lieferungen sind in vielen Fällen erfolgsentscheidend. Sie als Sekretärin oder Assistentin sollten daher bei Lieferverzug unmittelbar und kompetent nachfassen.
There can be many reasons for a delivery delay for instance machine failure, force majeure, or intent.

A delivery is late once the due date has passed, but the goods haven’t arrived. If your supplier is behind with a delivery, you should send a reminder. In your letter or email, if appropriate, you may refer politely to the fact that you may exercise your rights to rescind the contract or demand compensation for having to make a replacement order. Here are some examples of what you can write:

How to sandwich your complaint in 5 steps

  1. If possible, start by saying something positive
  2. Describe your problem
  3. Say exactly what you expect
  4. Describe any possible consequences
  5. End with a phrase of goodwill
  • We have never had cause to complain before.
  • Unfortunately, the scheduled delivery date of 29 July 2011 was missed.
  • We ask you to supply us with the goods by 19 August at the latest. If you cannot do this, we will be forced to source them elsewhere and, if necessary, make a claim for damages.
  • We hope to hear from you soon that the goods will be sent immediately.
  • We look forward to a continuation of our pleasant business relationship.

English / Deutsch:

force majeure: höhere Gewalt
intent: Absicht
due date: Liefertermin
supplier: Lieferant
to rescind: Rückgängig machen
compensation: Wiedergutmachung

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