How to say thank you for a donation

Bei diesen Tipps geht es sozusagen in die nächste Liga des Danke-Sagens. Denn für Briefe an Spender benötigen Sie besonders viel Fingerspitzengefühl.

There are three things you need to remember when you write to say thank you for a donation:

  1. Make the donor feel that he or she is a partner, not just a source of money, by saying what you have achieved with the donation.
  2. This is a thank you letter. Don’t ask for more money!
  3. It is good practice to send a token thank you gift, such as a pen or some personalized address labels.

Here you’ll find a sample donation thank you letter to inspire you. You can adapt it to suit your personal needs whenever you need to say thank you for a donation.

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Here are some more phrases for your to use

Your caring support will make a great difference in …

  • providing shelter / clean drinking water.
  • protecting the environment.
  • reducing crime in inner cities.
  • helping children from underprivileged families to develop.
  • protecting the lives of thousands of children with AIDS.

Your gift is already being used in Tanzania to …

  • pay for life-saving mosquito nets.
  • develop and implement AIDS prevention campaigns.

The support of donors like you is …

  • helping us to make it possible for children living with HIV to lead happier and fruitful lives.
  • enabling women to support their families by providing loans for them to set up small businesses.

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