How to make your boss’s voicemail message friendly and professional

Freundlich, präzise und knapp sollte der Begrüßungstext einer Voice-Mail-Box auf jeden Fall sein. Achten Sie zudem darauf, etwaige Telefonnummern korrekt und gut verständlich aufzusprechen. Wie Ihnen das auch in englischer Sprache perfekt gelingt, verrät Ihnen Jean Lennox, die Chefredakteurin von Secretary Today.

Ingrid K. wrote in with this question: Ich möchte den Anrufbeantworter meines Chefs (Direktionsebene) auf Englisch besprechen. Mein Vorschlag lautet “You have reached the voice-mail of Mr. XY's office. You can reach assistant at +41 332 72212...or call Mr. Wallace’s mobile phone at +41 779 893.... Thank you.“

In general, I like Ingrid’s suggestion because it is nice and short and there is no unnecessary information, such as how long he has already been away and where he is. Instead, it gives the caller two alternatives for reaching him or his assistant now. It only needs a few changes to be perfect – namely:

  • I would add the name of the company.
  • I would add the date he will be back at his desk.
  • I would add the assistant’s name.
  • I would repeat the telephone numbers.

Here is my suggestion

You have reached Darwin Company. Frank Martin is out of the office. He will be back on Monday, May the twenty-fourth. You can reach his assistant, Deborah Strauss, on +41 3320 72212... or call him directly on his mobile phone (BE) / cell phone (AE) on +41 7130 755... Or leave a message after the tone. Here are those numbers again: Deborah Strauss on +41 3320 72212..., Frank Martin’s mobile phone +41 7130 755...

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