By the way – how to link the parts of your call

Übrigens … nebenbei gesagt … eigentlich … solche und ähnliche Wörter benutzen Sie ständig am Telefon, um Gedanken oder Gesprächsinhalte miteinander zu verbinden. So geht das – genauso leicht – auf Englisch.

When you need to connect different thoughts, or when you want to guide a telephone conversation in a certain direction, you need to use linking words or phrases. Here are some sentences that use linking phrases and words to show you the different ways you can direct a telephone or face-to-face conversation, whether you want to stay on the subject, talk about something related to it or change direction altogether.

  • By the way, I read your email about the travel report. I’d like to ask you a bit about it.
  • Anyway, the reason I’m calling is to ask for your advice. Incidentally, I met your boss last week. He was telling me about your new ideas.
  • While we’re on the subject of prices, what about that discount you offered
  • Talking of travel expenses, you told me you wrote to Lufthansa and complained about those additional charges. Did you ever hear from them?
  • Actually, we were expecting you to agree to help us.
  • To get right to the point, I’m not happy with the plans.
  • To cut a long story short, I’m really sorry, but we’re going to have to cancel the conference.
  • To change the subject, I hear you are looking for a new assistant.
by the way übrigens, wo wir schon dabei sind 
anyway wie dem auch sei 
incidentally übrigens, nebenbei gesagt 
while we're on the subject wo wir schon mal dabei sind
discount Rabatt 
talking of wo wir schon dabei sind 
actually übrigens, eigentlich 
to get right to the point direkt zur Sache kommen 
to cut a long story short kurz gesagt 
to change the subject das Thema wechseln