Business Studies: The main forms of business in the UK and USA

English for business studies

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This table gives you an overview of the main forms of business in the UK and USA. Use it to know more about the companies you deal with.


 British American Explanation
sole tradersole proprietorregistered as self-employed. Owner responsible for all debts.(In German, selbständiger Unternehmer)
partnershipas above, but with partner (In German, Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts
private limited company
 corporationcapital raised through sales of shares, but not to general public.
Managed by board of directors. (Aktiengesellschaft, nicht börsennotiert)
public limited company (plc)
publicly-traded  company
same as private limited company, but shares sold to the  general public. (Like a German Aktiengesellschaft)
limited liability partnership
limited liability
managed by ‘designated members’ (similar to a board of
directors), otherwise same as private limited company. (Similar to a GmbH) Tipps zum Thema 'Business Studies für Sekretärinnen' finden Sie in Secretary Today