Ask these questions – Practical tips for arranging business trips

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Even if your boss isn’t travelling anywhere in the near future, you should sit down with them and talk about their travel preferences – for instance are they a morning or night person, do they insist on business class or will they travel coach on short trips? Finding out these details is especially important if you are working for a new boss. And you will need many of these questions if you are helping a visitor out with travel arrangements.

Here are some standard questions for you to ask

  • Do you want full flexibility, or can I book through a cheap flights website?
  • Can I book overnight and redeyes?
  • Do you want me to book business class or will you be travelling in coach?
  • Do you have any preferences regarding airlines?
  • Would you like an aisle, middle or window seat?
  • Are you a member of any frequent flyer programmes?
  • Do you mind layovers, or do you only want direct flights?
  • Are there any airports you would like me to avoid?
  • Do you have any food preferences? Vegetarian, vegan, nondairy or Kosher?

Here are some additional questions you can ask when you are making travel arrangements for an international visitor

  • Would you like us to pick him up at this end or will he take a taxi from the airport?
  • Would you like to give me your mobile phone number in case there are any problems?

Ask similar questions about hotels.

  • Does he prefer a smoking or non-smoking room?
  • Is there any particular hotel group you prefer?
  • Does she need wireless access / a gym / a pool?
  • Does Ms Williams always take breakfast?
  • Is there a limit on the price of the room?

Why is it so important to have all this information on file? Well, an unscheduled meeting could suddenly crop up, and you’ll need your boss’s information immediately. And anyway, by asking these questions in advance you’re demonstrating once again how important your boss’s comfort is to you, and how efficient you are!

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