12 important phrases you need for mobile phones

More and more business calls are being made from mobile phones. Make sure you have the right vocabulary for those conversations – especially for when the connection is not too good. Here are the 12 most important words and phrases for you to use.

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rechargeable battery
socket (BE)
outlet (AE)

You’ve reached me on my cell phone. I had the call transferred from my office phone.

  • OK – now I understand why the line is so bad.
  • You’re breaking up.
  • My cell battery’s low.

This is what you can say when the connection is bad:

  • You’re breaking up.
  • You’re cutting out. (AE)
  • It’s a bad line.

This is how to say “Sie sind in einem Funkloch.”

  • You seem to be in an area with bad reception.
  • Your signal is very weak.

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