Wann benutzt man 'trip', 'journey' oder 'travel'?

For Sticklers – When to use ‘trip’, ‘journey’ and ‘travel’

Mit nur wenigen Erklärungen unterscheiden Sie zukünftig ganz einfach zwischen „trip“, „journey“ und „travel“.

Travel is used as a verb or an adjective – We travelled to Paris on the Thalys.
I got the tickets from the travel agent.

Journey is a noun and is the time spent moving – London is a two-hour journey from here.

Trip is a noun and can be used the same way as journey. In addition, it means the journey and the time spent at the destination, like an excursion, a day trip or a tour.
“How was your trip?” (to someone who has just arrived at the airport)
I like to go on day-trips to London.
I would love to take a sabbatical and go for a trip round the world.

There is also the expression round-trip which means there and back again. And if you travel by sea, you say you are on a voyage.


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