So beeindrucken Sie mit guter Grammatik

Make your language more professional with good grammar

In der deutschen Rechtschreibung und Grammatik sind Sie topfit. Mit den praktischen Grammatiktipps von Secretary Today werden Sie auch in der englischen Grammatik glänzen.

Grammar is a yardstick by which people measure intelligence and competence. If a business partner can’t trust your writing, they might also not trust your product or services. But if you go to the trouble of getting your tenses, your punctuation and your spelling right, they will assume that you take as much trouble in your business affairs. Learn some of the tricks of good grammar in this new section of Secretary Today.


Choosing the right future tense

Look at these sentences from this edition of Secretary Today.

  • Ill look fine once you’ve left the room.
  • We are going to make more profit this year than last year .
  • How many other people are going to be listening in.


In these sentences, the future tense is made with

  • will + infinitive (will look fine)
  • going to + infinitive (going to make more profit)


We use will + infinitive for

–  instant or spontaneous decisions to do something

  • We’ve run out of paper for the photocopier. I’ll go and get some.

–  facts that will be true in the future

  • TV will make a greater impact on our lives in the next fewyears.


We use going to + infinitive for

–  appointments or things we have arranged to do in the future

  • I am going to see the general manager on Friday afternoon.

–  to talk about something we intend to do or have decided to do

  • They are going to open a new subsidiary in France.

Do these exercises to see whether you know when to use which future tense

Which is right? Choose the correct future tense.

1. We’re all going to / we will all attend the sales conference in  Florence.

2. The company announced it is going to / will introduce two new models in June.

3. This contract is urgent. I’m going to / I’ll print it out today.

4. We are going to / will spring clean our desks this afternoon.



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1.We’re all going to (appointment)
2.will (fact will be true in the future)
3.I’ll (instant decision to do something)
4.are going to (intend to do)