Schaffen Sie die Rechtschreibprüfung?

For Sticklers: Quiz – Can you beat the spellchecker?

Gerade bei der unlogischen englischen Schreibweise ist dieRechtschreibeprüfung eine große Hilfe. Doch seien Sie vorsichtig! Manche ‘Fehler’ werden leicht übersehen.

The spell check function on our computers is a wonderful invention. But it is not infallible.

Do this quiz to see if you can find the mistakes the spellchecker missed.

There is at least one mistake in each of the following sentences.
Make any corrections you think are necessary, then check your answers.


1  You’re request has been sent to management for approval.

2  We are asking every body in the office to come to the meeting.

3  The news were very good.

4  We are going to order new stationary for the office.

5  There was a fruit basket complements of the management in my hotel room.

6  Learning to spell will compliment you’re writing skills.

7  A press manager should have experience in public relation.

8  Last not least, never rely on you’re spellchecker.


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1  Your request. • 2  everybody • 3  was very good • 4  stationery (stationary means ‘standing still’) • 5  compliments 6  complement your writing skills • 7  relations • 8  Last but not least never rely on your spellchecker