Quiz: Sind Ihre englischen Handelsvokablen ausreichend?

Test your trade vocabulary

Als Sekretärin brauchen Sie fundierte Kenntnisse der englischen Handelssprache, denn egal, ob Sie etwas kaufen oder verkaufen, Vertrags- und Versandbedingungen müssen klar und eindeutig sein. Testen Sie Ihr Handelsvokabular hier.


1 A concrete or metal platform where a ship is loaded and unloaded.

2 An amount of money, usually a set percentage, paid to a sales agent.

3 Another word for a discussion between business  parties agreeing on a deal.

4 These regulations include determining who is responsible for transportation costs of goods sold.

5 The act of providing something.

6 A policy against loss or damage to your products in return for the payment of a premium.

7 The port of this is as far as a ship will carry your goods.

8 A building with its lands and outbuildings occupied  by a business.

9 If you ………. to something, you stick to it.

10 Another word for develop or invent


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Answers: 1) quay, 2) commission, 3) negotiation, 4) Incoterms, 5) provision, 6) negotiation, 7) destination, 8) premises, 9) adhere 10) devise