Machen Sie Ihre eigenen englischen Abkürzungen

Make your own abbreviations

One way to abbreviate a word is to use just the first syllable. This is particularly useful for words that are used regularly.

mar   marketing
cus   customer
cli     client
ind   individual

If the meaning of the word is not clear just by using the first syllable, add the first consonant of the second syllable.

achv   achievement
subj    subject
budg   budget
indv    individual
inf       inform

Form the plural by adding –s to the abbreviation.

achs, subjs, budgs, indvs


Another ideas is to leave out all  vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and leave enough consonants to make the word recognisable.

bckgd     background
mvmt      movement
prblm      problem

you can use –g on its own to represent ‘-ing’

incrg      increasing
ckg        checking
estblg   establishing

If a term, phrase or name is used a few times, substitute initials when the term is used again.

For example

New marketing campaign     NMC
Very special offer                  VSO

Some useful symbols

Use as many symbols as possible to make your note-taking even faster.
Here are some suggestions.
+       plus
//       parallel
eg     example
w      with
w/o   without
@      at
vs     against
2       to
4       for
ff       following
#      number
i        increase
m     decreasing
à      go to
<      smaller than
>      bigger than

Learn to read abbreviated messages

See if you can decipher what this message means:

w hv bn cntctd by Möller AG, a Grmn manfctr of hi qlty off equip + askd abt th poss. of a coop. agrmnt.
We cld adpt our SW 2 thr prods + dvlp nw prjcts w thm. Rsrch shws tht thr prods r v sccsfl in th mkt. Möl. hs bn dvlpng smll-scle elec-tron. dvces f 25 yrs.

Diese Nachricht benutzt Abkürzungen und Symbolen. Können Sie sie entziffern?

We have been contacted by Möller AG, a German manufacturer of high-quality office equipment, and asked about the possibility of a coo- peration agreement.
We could adapt our software to their products and develop new projects with them. Research shows that their products are very successful in the market. Möller has been developing small-scale electronic devices for 25 years.


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