Kennen Sie die richtige englische Übersetzung?

Tatjana K from Ellwangen asks:
I work for a company that produces and sells batteries. I am with the environmental department and some of the things we are concerned about is the lead content in our workers’ blood, hazardous substances in the batteries, etc.
My bosses’ titles are: Umwelschutzbeauftragter and Umweltschutzdirektor. I have translated these terms as “environmental adviser” and “manager of the environmental department. Are the translations ok?

Both translations, environmental adviser and manager of the environmental department, are fine. To make sure, I did a web-search by googling both expressions. I couldn’t find anything better so would stick with them.
But if you want to be absolutely sure, why don’t you check with your UK subsidiary and find out if they have similar positions and what they call them? Unless, of course, they don’t have such strict regulations and no environmental advisers.


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