Halten Sie Ihr Englisch präsent

Monika R. from Remscheid asks: I’ve just spent three weeks at a language school in England. Unfortunately, I don’t use English much in my job. How can I keep my language up to date?

“Use it or lose it” is one of my favourite sayings. It certainly applies to language. The best way is to find a course where you can practice regularly. Contemporary novels are another good idea. So find books you like: Harry Potter, Bridget Jones’ Diary or whatever is at the top of the bestseller lists. DVDs are great because you can watch them in German first, or with English subtitles. My own favourite way of keeping abreast of developments in the English language is to listen to the BBC online at www.bbc.co.uk. And of course you can read “Secretary Today” regularly to keep your English up to date.



Weitere Tipps wie Sie ihr Englisch präsent halten finden Sie in Secretary Today