Excercise: Testen Sie Ihre Brief-Vokabeln

Exercise – Test your letter-writing vocabulary

In diesem Geschäftsbrief fehlen einige wichtige Wörter. Kennen Sie sie alle?

Ford Avenue, Leeds L10 OTV
                                                                                                          23 April 2005
Andrea Abercrombie
37 Moss Lane
Leeds L66ABF

Dear Ms Abercrombie
Thank you for your letter a)_______ 1 March and your b)_________ in our products. We are c)___________ to enclose our latest d)_____________.
As you will see, we e) _____________  the whole range of office material, from paper and envelopes to equipment for presentations and moderating meetings. Should you have any f) _______,  do not g)________________ to contact us at the above telephone number.
We look forward to h) _____________ from you.
Yours i) ________________

John Bloggs
encl.: catalogue

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a) of
b) interest
c) pleased
d) catalogue
e) supply
f) queries
g) hesitate
h) hearing
i) sincerely