Englisch-Quiz September 2007 - Wie gut ist Ihr Englisch?


Welche der fett gedruckten Wörter sind richtig?

  1. My boss is writing an article on the history of our company. He asked me to look to or through the back copies of the companymagazine for him.
  2. We’ve received some complaints from office staff about the noise in the open-plan office. The office manager is going to look after or into it.
  3. We don’t have many information or much information or any informations on the company.
  4. There were some very interesting bits or pieces or articles of information in the paper this morning.


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Lösung 1: through ist richtig.
Lösung 2: into ist richtig.
Lösung 3: much information ist richtig.
Lösung 4: bits ist richtig.