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Improve your pronunciation

Das gleiche Wort, anders betont, kann eine ganz andere Bedeutung erhalten. Zum Beispiel kann “present” sowohl “Gegenwart” als auch “überreichen” heissen. Glänzen Sie mit der perfekten Aussprache.

In English there are many pairs of verbs and nouns, and one adjective-noun pair, that look exactly the same – for example present, which as a verb means ‘überreichen’ and as a noun, ‘Gegenwart’ or ‘Geschenk’.

Sometimes the verb and noun are pronounced in the same way, but usually, the pronunciation changes.

As a general rule, the stress in the noun is on the first syllable and in the verb on the second syllable. When the stress is moved, the pronunciation, especially of vowels, often changes as well. The most common change is to a vowel sound called  schwa, which is an unstressed sound, like the first syllable of earth.

Here are four sentences that demonstrate how the same word is pronounced differently.

  • We’d like to present him with this present.
  • I never thought anyone would object to this object.
  • The shop couldn’t recall if there had ever been a recall.
  • If you perfect your intonation, your accent will be perfect.
presentGeschenk, Gegenwartto present
objectGegenstandto object
recallRückrufto recall
producelandwirtschaftliche Erzeugnisseto produce
perfectperfektperfectvervollständigen, perfektionieren